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      • Aug 16-17, 2014
        Both of St. Leo's summer Italian festivals have been a neighborhood tradition for decades. Expect live stage entertainment, dancing, games of chance, pizza, vino, porchetta, Italian sausage, cannoli, pasta, vendors, fried dough, shopping and old-fashioned camaraderie. We will also have a kids section! $1 admission donation.
      • Oct 5, 2014
        A beautiful day, a beautiful celebration! BRING THE FAMILY for this long running annual celebration planned by the Italian community in honor of Christopher Columbus voyage to America! The day's events commences with a celebratory Mass at St. Leo's with the Knights of Columbus in full regalia ... followed by a touching wreath-laying ceremony a few blocks away at Columbus Plaza ... and then the highlight of the day ... a full scale parade running from the Science Center in Baltimore City, down Light Street, and ending at Columbus Piazza in Little Italy at the reviewing stand.
      • Nov 2, 2014
        12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
        Annual fundraiser held twice a year serving homemade ravioli, meatballs, salad, Italian bread, coffee. Cash bar, soda, dessert. Tickets are sold at the door to dine in (School Hall) Adults $12 Children $6 Carryout $12.50 available in Church Hall on S. Exeter Street


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      St. Leo's needs happy and dedicated volunteers to assist with the outdoor stands, such as lemonade, pizza, salad, calzone and game wheels and with the indoor events such as Bingo and spaghetti dinner. Shifts are: 
      • SATURDAY: 11:30am-4pm or 3:30pm-8pm or BOTH
      • SUNDAY: 10:30am-3pm or 2:30pm-7pm or BOTH
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